LAN International - Driven to make a difference

LAN International - Driven to make a difference  

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VIERO Market Stats

- 1,200 Installations

- 200 Markets

- Annual Ad Revenues
  passing through VIERO   $4 billion




LAN International is proud to work with the following Broadcast Groups...

Bicoastal Media Forever Communications Peak Broadcasting
BYU Broadcasting GAP Broadcasting Pritchard Broadcasting
Capital Broadcasting GAP West Broadcasting Rincon Broadcasting
Clear Channel Radio Great Eastern Radio Radio Fargo-Moorhead, Inc.
Coloff Media Journal Broadcast Group Sweet Home Astabula
Cumulus Broadcasting Minnesota Valley Broadcasting Urban Radio Broadcasting
E. Arkansas Broadcasting Neuhoff Communications WEUP Radio
El Dorado Broadcasting NRG Media Withers Broadcasting Company

Check back soon as we're always growing.


VIERO Leadership Council                                                                     

LAN International is extremely proud of the close ties it has with its customers.  Going far beyond

the traditional software-provider/user relationship, LAN's clients are intimately involved with the ongoing

development of VIERO. 

Understanding that for software to be a viable solution it needs to be responsive to real-world business needs
and solve relevant problems faced every day, LAN International formed it's VIERO Leadership Council. 

Comprised of key individuals from sales, business and traffic management, the group provides invaluable insight
and input during the development process.  The Council evaluates product enhancements/functionality, ensuring
VIERO is consistently on-point with current and evolving industry needs.  In addition, members
take a proactive support role, serving as mentors to other VIERO users. 

At LAN International our customers are integral to our success, just as we strive to be integral
to their success
each and every day!

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